Optimize your Video Resume : Tips to Successfully Stand Out

Optimize your Video Resume : Tips to Successfully Stand Out

Are you looking to stand out in the job market? Have you sent hundreds of applications but haven't landed any interviews? The solution might be right in front of you: the student video resume. In an era of fierce competition, presenting yourself in a unique and memorable way can make all the difference.

But how do you create a video resume that captures recruiters' attention and showcases your skills convincingly? That's precisely what we'll explore in this article.

As we know at Kalyzée, video creation may seem complex, but by adopting best practices, you can highlight your journey powerfully while considering employers' preferences and current technical constraints.

Discover how to create a student video resume that sets you apart.

Advantages of a Video Resume over a Traditional Resume

Let's start with three good reasons to dive into creating your video resume:

  1. Originality: Stand out from the crowd

  2. Add emotion: Your recruiter is looking for personality

  3. Showcase your creativity: Actions speak louder than words

Originality: Standing out is the goal for anyone job hunting. For students, with a lack of experience and a limited network, landing an interview is not easy. Some students send hundreds of resumes and get no response. Creating a video resume takes more time, but it's an opportunity to truly stand out.

LinkedIn post

Adding emotion: When hiring, recruiters are looking for personality more than just a resume. A recruitment mistake costs companies an average of 45,000 euros. A Curriculum Vitae tells us almost nothing about a person's character. Although degrees, skills, and previous experiences are essential, no one will hire you without an interview! The video resume is a chance to present yourself in the best light from the first step of the recruitment process!

Demonstrate your oral skills: If you are comfortable speaking, with a touch of humor and creativity, bingo! You can prove it.

Creating and Editing the Video Resume for a Professional, Convincing, Effective Result

Stay focused on the essentials:

The video resume is generally used as a complement to the traditional paper resume. Prioritize essential information and key achievements to highlight them as quickly as possible. Stand out from other candidates in the first few seconds of your video resume.

Appear on screen:

Show yourself. The recruiter must see and hear you. Be visible and use shots where you speak directly to the camera, for example. By doing this, you connect directly with the recruiter. It's by watching you that they will start to understand your personality. Looking for a job in web development? Place yourself in a situation in front of a computer coding. Sales? Create a scene where you're talking with a friend. Chef? ... You get the concept.

Talk about what you will bring to the company:

Students often tend to list all their skills and experiences without directly linking them to the specific job. What do you have to offer the recruiter? Increase visibility, solve a particular problem. Also, consider providing numerical data if you have any.

Express yourself naturally:

Avoid reading a text in a monotone manner. The video should prove your natural and comfortable side, not the opposite. You can also share anecdotes from your personal life or passions. This adds emotion and makes your profile more human.

Specify your availability and preferences:

Clearly indicate your availability, expectations in terms of work pace or location, especially if you are applying for an internship. This will help employers better assess if you meet their needs.

Limit the duration to 2 or 3 minutes:

Ensure that your video resume does not exceed 2 or 3 minutes. This demonstrates your ability to be concise and effective while showing that you know how to get to the point.

Be mindful of editing:

Choose a discreet background music and avoid using too many visual effects. The goal is to highlight your presentation and skills without distracting viewers with overly flashy editing. Note: Ignore this advice if you are applying for a position in audiovisual, go all out!

Examples of Video Resumes Found on the Web

Here are some examples of student video resumes found on the internet. If we spotted them, it's likely that recruiters have come across them too. Of course, once your video resume is finished, its distribution will play a major role in your job search. We will discuss this shortly. But first, carefully examine these examples of video resumes. Analyze them, get inspired.

Original Student Video Resumes:

Adopting a Concept If you're overflowing with creativity and want to stand out for your originality, you can consider original video resumes, as illustrated in the examples below.

Example Netflix, Apple, Konbini: 3 Examples Netflix, Konbini & Apple (french version)

Example "Bref": Bref "I'm looking for an internship" (french version)

Classic Student Video Resume

Do you want a more classic outcome? That's possible too. Just creating a video is already original. Here are some examples of classic but successful student video resumes.

Internship Communication: Seeking an internship (french version)

Internship: Seeking an internship (french version)

How to Make Your Student Video Resume Go Viral?

Publish Your Video Resume on YouTube:

YouTube is the perfect video hosting platform for your video resume. Free and easy to use, it will increase your visibility. Take the time to choose a catchy title for your video and create a detailed description with keywords related to the desired position and location. This way, you'll appear more easily in Google searches. In small companies, recruiters often search for profiles directly on the internet rather than waiting to receive your resume.

Social Media:

Linkedin and Facebook Nothing new under the sun; social networks are THE way to go viral. Use your network, sign up on Linkedin if you haven't already, and share your video resume. Write a post, without spelling mistakes, of course, and ask your network for help in sharing it.

Another tip:

on Facebook, there are many groups on various topics, often organized by geographical location. Looking to join a tech startup? Find a Facebook group that brings together entrepreneurs in your city and post your video resume there!

Finally, when you send a resume for a job opening, add the link to your video resume and why not as a QR code? (You can easily generate a QR code here)


The video resume didn't convince you? Replace the standard and often impersonal cover letter with a motivation video! Following the same principle as the video resume, the motivation video can help you stand out to your future employer. Describe how perfect the job you're applying for is for you!

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